• The absolute best video for increasing flexibility. Let the World's Most Flexible Super Heavyweight teach you the way to increase your flexibility 3 times faster than any other method. You'll increase flexibility the very first time you use it, guaranteed!!!
    1 hr digitally mastered video using 3D computer animations.

  • You will LEARN

  • The very best method of stretching to improve flexibility that will increase Range of motion 3 times faster than any other method

    The optimal warm-up routine to prepare for high intensity performance that takes less than 10 minutes

    The 3 main goals of warming-up and how to achieve each of them

    The hip joint alignment that is essential for doing the side splits

    How to warm-up your joints to prevent injury and achieve peak performance

    Why you should NOT do the classic hurdler stretch

    How to align your skeletal structure properly to place all of the emphasis of a stretch directly on the muscle on NOT on the joints

    The optimal flexibility routine that takes less than 1 hour a week (yeah, they didn't believe us about our jumping program either)

    You'll gain flexibility the VERY FIRST TIME YOU TRY IT, GUARANTEED!!!

We are SO confident that you will find our products to be the absolute best for increasing jumping ability, strength, flexibility, speed, and fat loss that we backed each product with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee*. If you are not convinced that our programs are the BEST you have ever used, you can return them for a full refund (less S&H).

$19.99 ($5.95 S&H)

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